Junk: An Uncluttered Life

Recently, Author • Speaker • Media Coach • Radio Host Cynthia L. Simmons contacted me (Monica Schmelter) for an interview on our latest book Messy to Meaningful. Here is her BLOG and a link to the radio interview below.

I Struggled with Anger & Fits of Rage

Just take a look at my closet. No further explanation necessary. I start out with great organizational intentions. At some point (usually mid-way) I abandon my great organizational intentions and move on to some other project.

It’s like that with me. I start. I stop. I move on. Usually with household organizational projects it’s just not that big of a deal. But when it comes to matters of the heart it’s an entirely different story.

Contentment in a Culture of Comparison

I don’t remember ever asking anyone how much they weigh. On the other hand I’ve been asked that question too many times to count.

As a teenager my extended family (women only) held a weekly weigh in after Sunday dinner. Who weighs in after dinner?

Holding On & Letting Go

Just one look at my junk drawer and you’ll see that I clearly have a problem with letting go.

This tendency to hold on started in childhood. I didn’t want to discard old toys, even if pieces were missing. I had hopes I would find those missing pieces someday. You just never know.