Monica Schmelter helps you discover your most beautiful life one biblical truth at a time.

Monica is also a well-endorsed and sought after inspirational speaker that uses the Word to enhance her ability to teach Kingdom principles.  She captivates her audiences with her ability to simplify the complicated and clarify the unclear.

Monica’s keynote and workshop topics include:

· Labels, Lies & the Truth

· Lessons From the Junk Drawer

· Faith, Friends, and Chocolate

· Overwhelming Victory

· Trusting God 

· The Golden Rule

· Relationship Red Flags

· Love Your Neighbor

· Living Under Pressure

· Finding a Drama Free Zone

· Sharing Your Story and many more.

Monica Schmelter is a God-chaser — a woman after God’s own heart! She has been a speaker at our annual Fashioned In His Image Women’s Conference and we were greatly blessed by the timely, anointed and relevant word from the Lord.
— Kiwanis Hockett, Associate Pastor, Born Again Church, Nashville, TN