Lessons from the Junk Drawer

“What’s in your junk drawer?” Monica Schmelter teamed up with St. Louis area mother/daughter writing duo, Rhonda Rhea and Kaley Rhea, to approach that question from the spiritual side in their new release, “Messy to Meaningful—Lessons from the Junk Drawer” from Bold Vision Books.

The book is inspired by Monica's “Lessons from the Junk Drawer” teaching series on the Christian Television Network.

Watch the first episode in this series. 

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What's being said about Messy to Meaningful


Lisa Larson:

Messy to Meaningful hits home on so many aspects (ouch!), while also reminding me that God can transform even the junkiest of junk into something beautiful! Who doesn’t have a junk drawer? I know I do!  This book is filled with real-life experiences, as well as Scripture, helping me to reflect on specific areas in my life that need cleaning up! ...  I love the fact that these lovely ladies began their book with prayer for each reader, and then each chapter concludes with a place for me to write my own thoughts." 



Lisa Hooks:

"What a fun and insightful book! Messy To Meaningful has taken common items in the junk drawer and created life lessons, that inspire, encourage, and enlighten. Junk drawers can create stress, relief, and even happiness. The junk we keep in our drawers don’t only represent use, but memories, hopes, and even toxic reminders. And now, God - moments! With truth, compassion, and humor, Lessons From The Junk Drawer can strengthen your understanding of God’s love for you and His desire for you to live free!"                     



Amber Manning:

"Messy to Meaningful: Lessons from the Junk Drawer was such a fun read! I loved the comparisons from the junk ... Messy to Meaningful, though it was deep in content, was such a fun read! I loved the comparisons from the junk drawer to real life. I especially loved the testimonies and the time of reflection at the end of the chapters. Women of all ages will enjoy this book,"            

Learning to Love the Girl in the Mirror

Monica Schmelter readily admits that she, like most women, has had more than one bad hair day and opted to stay home rather than go out and have fun. Monica says, “It’s not the desire to look our best that gets us off track, but it’s the unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards promoted in the media that can leave even a Jesus-loving girl feeling like she’s not pretty enough. Thus, our Mirror Mirror on the Wall relationship usually starts young and lasts a lifetime. We gaze into the mirror with questions and look intently for answers."

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • Does this make me look fat?
  • Am I pretty enough?
  • Do I need to lose weight?
  • Is my nose too big?
  • How noticeable are my wrinkles?

Looking in the mirror will never be the same again as Monica leads you in “Does This Make Me Look Fat?” Practically speaking, you'll be empowered with the biblical tools to lay down the mirror of this world (and its standard of beauty) and pick up the mirror of God's Word where you will find your true beauty and lasting joy.

What's being said about Do I Look Fat


Donna Johnson:

"The title cuts to the heart of the battle waged in every women's mind. Does This Make Me Look Fat? is a must read if your desire is to get your life and your thoughts in alignment with what God thinks. If you are tired of the lies that the world throws at women about what beauty is, if you desire to pursue the deeper things and get to the heart of what really matters, this is the book for you."                      

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Vickie Davenport:

"This is definitely a MUST READ for every woman, teen and girl! It is a practical down to earth approach to something that everyone has once in their life done - looked in a mirror and asked "does this make me look fat." It is rock solid based on actual experiences and actual people who have dealt with this issue and have overcome it and are able to look in the right mirror —the word of God!"



Jacqueline McGirt:

"As a woman who has struggled with weight & image issues, I believe this is a very timely book for many women who have had the same or similar struggles. Often, we allow society to shape our thinking concerning how we should dress, what's "in" and how our body image measures up. Monica hits the nail on the head by addressing so many of the things we deal with on a daily basis."